RME presents the new HDSPe AIO Pro PCI Express Audio Interface Card

RME introduces the HDSPe AIO Pro PCI Express interface card, the successor of the popular HDSPe AIO. The Pro version provides professional users in the fields of studio and broadcast with the same high channel count as well as analog/digital input and output variety of the HDSPe AIO. In terms of technical features RME has comple- tely reworked the HDSPe AIO Pro, defining the current state-of-the-art in PCI Express cards.

More Info: https://rme-audio.de/files/downloads/Media-Material/AG_RME_HDSPe_AIO_Pro_Press_Information.pdf

RME launches 12Mic

At this year’s Winter NAMM Show 2020 (January 16th to 19th) in Anaheim, California, RME introduces the new 12Mic, a digitally controlled 12-channel microphone preamplifier with AD converter unit, MADI and AVB connectivity. Being the first RME microphone preamplifier with Ethernet integration, the 12Mic meets the needs of professional audio users who value highest analog and digital signal quality with flexible integration into advanced production environments.

More Info: https://rme-audio.de/files/downloads/Media-Material/AG_RME_12Mic_Press_Info_EN.pdf

RME launches AVB Tool

At this year’s Winter NAMM Show 2020 (January 16th to 19th) in Anaheim, California, RME introduces the new AVB Tool, combining a 4-channel microphone preamplifier, MADI/AVB converter and routing matrix for analog, digital and network-based audio signals in a compact 9.5″ device. With its unique concept of premi- um analog mic and line inputs, digital redundancy and future-proof IEEE networking standards, the AVB Tool fills a gap in RME’s portfolio and can be integrated as a highly flexible front-end extension into existing MADI and AVB environments.

More Info: https://rme-audio.de/files/downloads/Media-Material/AG_RME_AVB_Tool_Press_Info_EN.pdf

RME launches M-1610 Pro

At this year’s Winter NAMM Show 2020 (January 16th to 19th) in Anaheim, California, RME introduces the new M-1610 Pro. The 16-channel converter (1U) brings together the outstanding performance of the M-32 Pro AD and DA converters in a single unit, offering a multitude of signal integration options to professional studio, live and broadcast users thanks to extensive analog and digital I/O connections including AVB (Audio Video Bridging) network functionality.

More Info: https://rme-audio.de/files/downloads/Media-Material/AG_RME_M-1610_Pro_Press_Info_EN.pdf

RME launches ADI-2 Pro FS R Black Edition

At this year’s Winter NAMM Show 2020 (January 16 to 19, 2020) in Anaheim, California, RME presents its new ADI-2 Pro FS R Black Edition, an updated version of the high-end AD/DA reference converter ADI-2 Pro FS in black color design. Featuring optimized specifications as well as comprehensive IR remote support the ADI-2 Pro FS R Black Edition is the perfect choice for audiophile Hi-Fi users who use the converter as a main interface for flawless music and movie sound reproduction.

More Info: https://rme-audio.de/files/downloads/Media-Material/AG_RME_ADI-2_Pro_FS_R_BE_Pro_Press_Info_EN.pdf